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Are your products being counterfeited or imitated?

Deploy the power of blockchain technology and eliminate the harmful effects of counterfeits on your brand

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80% of consumers are buying counterfeit products

In 2018 alone, it was estimated that counterfeit goods cost the global economy over $300billion in damages leading to the loss of over a million lives. Sadly, most of this damage happens in Africa and Asia.

anticounterfeiting solution for drugs and pharmaceuticals
product authentication for anticounterfeiting

Empower manufacturers and consumers with the tech to fight back

Create unique identities (as QR Codes & PINs) for indivifual products which can then be verified by consumers at point of purchase by either Scan or USSD. Consumers can also report bad, fake or expired products so something can be done about it.

product authentication for anticounterfeiting

Ideal For Effective Brand Protection

Online & Offline Authentication

Consumers can verify products using a smart phone or any feature GSM phone.

Double Layer Of Protection

Our labels are made with special taggant materials that can't be immitated by anyone .

Blockchain Security

Every ID creation and verification is secured by a de-centralized network for data integrity.

Using Our Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Is Easy

brand protection using blockchain for anticounterfeiting

The Manufacturer

Create unique indentities (as QR Codes & PINs) for individual products, monitor your brand reputation and get alerted of possible counterfeit versions by using our Consumer Intelligence Product .

anticounterfeiting sticker labels scratch and verify

The Product

The unique IDs get on your products as anti-counterfeiting sticker labels with a silver panel which consumers then scratch off to reveal the product's unique QR code & PIN.

consumer protection report fake and counterfeit products

The Consumer

Consumers can then see the "genuineness" of a product by by dialing a USSD shortcode with the product's PIN or scanning the product's QR code using Chekkit App. Information like expiry date & Registration No can be viewed as well


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survive counterfeiting in the fourth industrial revolution

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