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How Well Do You Know Your Consumers?

Unleash The Power Of Data! Get Insights into Consumer Behaviour & Make Better Decisions

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collect consumer data as people buy your products

Gathering consumer data is currently too difficult

With the consumer goods industry being heavily fragmented, producers in the space have little to no insights about who their actual consumers are and the factors that drive purchase. A lot of them have to rely on social media, ineffective in-field surveys etc. and this is neither quality data nor scalable to encompass a large pool set.

data analytics for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals

consumer data insights for decision making

Scalable data gathering with intelligent analytics

A secure product verification system that gathers data in real time as consumers purchase and verify your products. Baisc information on consumers like demographics, location and even more complex ones (with targeted surveys) like purchase preferences, motivations can also be collected enmasse and analyzed seamlessly for better decision making

consumer data insights for decision making

Providing Market & Consumer Visibility With Data

Scalable Data Gathering

You can gather data from consumers even in remote areas (without internet) easily and at scale.

More Data, Better Insights

You get data from authentications and also from targeted products surveys for better insights.

Blockchain Security

Our solution sits on a de-centralized network meaning your data can't be manipulated.

Start Making Data-Backed Decisions Easily

gather data from consumers using surveys and authentications

The Manufacturer

Create short targeted surveys then attach them to products or send to existing consumers to gather feedback. View intelligent analytics from survey responses & product authentications in real-time using the Consumer Intelligence Solution.

data collection from consumers online and offline

The Consumer

A Consumer answers the short targeted survey created by the product manufacturer and data is then collected through this process while also rewarding the consumer for participation. The consumer participates using ChekkitApp or our USSD verification process.


How Indomie Gained A Better Understanding Of Their Consumers

Our labels (cards) were placed in cartons of Indomie Onion Chicken Noodles and a consumer claims his/her reward by verifying the carton of noodles using the PIN on the card inside the carton.

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how indomie used chekkit to gather consumer data

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