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Finding It Difficult To Engage Your Consumers?

Get closer to those actually buying your products with personalized messaging & communication.

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engage consumers with personalised messaging

Poor communication between manufacturers and their consumers

There is currently a disconnect between producers and those buying their products. This is because there isn't a proven method of of interaction, leading to usually one sided messages and an emotional disconnect which makes loyalty from consumers difficult and near absent.

communicate with your product consumers directly
send sms and messages to your consumers

Acquire and engage your consumers in real time on one platform

With Chekkit's Consumer Intelligence Solution, you can easily push product surveys and messages to consumers based on their purchase patterns/behaviours and remember to wish them well on memorable days with bulk messaging ordinarily not available in the consumer goods space. Ideal for maintaining a two-way conversation between maker and buyer.

send sms and messages to your consumers

Boost Sales By Speaking Directly To Consumers

Personalized Marketing

Our solution helps you speak to consumers' individual needs rather than as a group.

Up & Cross Selling

Easily market other complimentary products to consumers and get them to buy more.

Multiple Means of Engagement

You can engage your consumers via SMS, WhatsApp or by sending push notifications.

Stay Connected To Your Consumers Always

boost consumer loyalty with personalised sms messaging

The Manufacturer

Consumers are acquired as they verify products and are managed on the consumer intelligence solution. Producers can then schedule and send messages, import existing consumer database and engage with consumers via SMS, whatsapp and in-app notifications. They can also view reports and feedback dropped by their consumers.

direct engagement between producers and consumers

The Consumer

Consumers can send product feedback and reports to manufacturers using ChekkitApp's reporting function. The phone numbers for consumers are captured as part of the authentication process and this is what is used by the Product manufacturer for further communication.


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