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Need A Way To Reward Your Consumers Directly?

Our solution helps you run automated reward campaigns, drive repeat purchase with loyalty programs and track your spend on promotions.

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reward your consumers directly for buying products

Huge reward budgets with very little transparency

Rewarding consumers is currently a majorly offline and cumbersome process with many moving parts and to make matters worse, most of the rewards meant for consumers are usually pilfered, diverted or stolen and never actually get to those it was meant for. Added to the fact that there's no visibility nor a way to really know the extent of a promotional campaign's impact.

track the roi of consumer promotions campaigns
loyalty programs for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals

Reward your consumers directly and track ROI

Easily create rewards and attach rewards to products, set conditions for reward distribution, run multiple campaigns for multiple products while consumers then get rewarded by verifying your product as a sign of purchase. Our intelligent analytics makes sure the whole process is transparent.

loyalty programs for consumer goods and pharmaceuticals

Your Reward & Loyalty Campaigns Done Easily

Robust & Flexible Rewards

You can reward your consumers with Airtime, Merchandize, Loyalty Points and Raffle Draws.

Set up Redemption Agents/Sites

Consumers can redeem gift items/merchandise at redemption points you set up on our solution.

Track Spending & Performance

See how your rewards budget is being spent and your rewards distributed so you know what works.

How To Use Our Solution For Promotions

create product codes for consumer reward and loyalty

The Manufacturer

Create unique indentities (as QR Codes & PINs) for individual products, set up & attach reward programs, redemption points and track your spend on promotions by using our Consumer Intelligence Product.

use chekkit codes and labels for product promotions

The Product

The unique IDs get on your products as sticker labels with a scratch off panel hiding the codes and consumers have to scratch to reveal the IDs. You can decide to export and print the codes on your product packaging if you want.

reward consumers when they verify your products

The Consumer

Consumers claim their rewards by verifying products as a sign of purchase. Product verification can be done by dialing a USSD shortcode with the product's PIN or scanning the product's QR code using Chekkit App.


Nivea "In-Store Activation & Reward" Campaign

Our sticker labels were placed on Nivea's moisturizer and deodorant spray. Consumers verified the product ...

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nivea instore rewards campaign using chekkit

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