Chekkit for Anti-Counterfeit & Product Verification™

Protect Your Brand, Products & Consumers From Counterfeits

  • Allow consumers to easily identify counterfeits at point of purchase
  • Works with or without an internet connection
  • Incentivize consumers to make sure they always verify
  • Survey consumers easily as they verify your products

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Protect Your Brand

Blockchain-Powered Anti-Counterfeit Technology Solution

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Serialize Your Products & Batches

Create unique IDs for unit products and batches as data matrix codes, QR codes and PINs. These unique identities contain all the useful information about your products like production/expiry dates, FDA number, batch number, and are stored (hashed) on a blockchain network for security.

Get Extra Protection With Smart Labels

The unique IDs (QR code & PIN) get on your products using our special tamper-proof sticker labels made using taggants (“coded paper” that can’t be replicated by counterfeiters. The product’s QR code & PIN are also hidden by a scratch-off panel to prevent compromise.

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anti counterfeit technology solutions and product verification

Online and Offline Product Verification

Consumers can either verify products with ChekkitApp by scanning the product’s unique QR code or by dialing a USSD shortcode with the product’s PIN (no internet required). They then see if the product is original and other product information specified at creation.

Unlock Extra Value With Actionable Data

Collect insights on side effects, consumer demographics, purchase preferences, and opinions using short intuitive surveys that consumers take when they verify your products. All data collected from verifications and surveys are available on your Chekkit dashboard in real-time.

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Common Questions About Our Anti-Counterfeit Technology Solution


The unique IDs created and authentications all happen on a blockchain network, ensuring your data is clean and uncompromised

No. The QR codes and PINs are hidden on our sticker labels by a scratch panel. The consumer has to scratch the label to reveal the product's unique ID

When a consumer finds a product that carries Chekkit's labels, they;

1) Scratch the label on the product to reveal the QR code and PIN

2) Scan the QR code with ChekkitApp or dial a USSD shortcode using the product's PIN

3) Take a short 2 or 3 questions survey

4) Receive an instant reward for giving feedback

All this happens in seconds

Consumers can see information on the originality of the product, the expiry date, Product registration number, Batch Number, as well as other product information as specified by the manufacturer

Chekkit's security labels are made with a special material called taggants which counterfeiters can't fake. As an extra layer of security, the label material can be verified with special handheld devices.

Yes they will because it is a matter of their safety but you can also encourage them to verify by offering offering rewards as an incentive

Chekkit will provide you with hand-held semi-automatic labeling machines (at a cost) and for label orders above 100,000,000 units, we will provide you with a fully automated labeling machine to be installed on your production line at no extra cost.

Yes! You have full access to the details and data of people who have verified your products as well as data from surveys taken. You can also easily communicate with them using bulk SMS right on your dashboard

Our anti-counterfeit solution is ideal for products that are heavily counterfeited in the market like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, cosmetics, alcohol, chemicals, automotice parts, electronics and so on.

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