You’re Safest With ChekkitApp

Protect Yourself From Fake, Expired, & Substandard Products

  • A Verify original & fake products before buying
  • Works with or without an internet connection
  • Report fake products & adverse reactions to products
  • Win instant rewards everytime you use ChekkitApp

Play Your Part

You Can Help Stop
The Spread Of Bad Products!

Chekkit works closely with manufacturers and regulatory
bodies to make sure the products you buy & use are safe.

scan qr code with chekkitapp to check authentic product

Verify Original or Fake Products

Confirm origin products by scanning the product's QR code

Be Informed Before Use

View the expiry date, registration number & other important product information

check authentic product information after scan
use chekkitapp to report fakes and counterfeits

Stop Those Selling Fake Products

Play your part, fill the form, and report any fake or bad product sold to you

Win & Redeem Exciting Gifts

Receive different instant rewards like airtime, free products, gadgets, etc. for verifying products

win rewards for checking authentic products with chekkitapp

Common Questions Users Have About Using ChekkitApp


No you can't. You can only verify products that carry Chekkit's scratch-off sticker labels

You can win instant airtime, free products, branded merchandise, gadgets, raffles and lots more

The rewards you get are distributed by the manufacturers of the products you buy and verify

Once you see Chekkit's sticker label on the product, that product can be verified with ChekkitApp

Yes. ChekkitApp is available on both the Apple and Google play stores

Yes you can. Just visit to use ChekkitApp. No download required

No, using ChekkitApp is 100% FREE

When you find a product that carries Chekkit's labels, you simply;
1) Scratch the label on the product to reveal the QR code and PIN
2) Scan the QR code with ChekkitApp to see the product's information
3) Take a short 2 or 3 questions survey
4) Receive instant reward for giving feedback
All this happens in seconds

The reports are shared with regulatory bodies and the product's manufacturer so they can be investigated and guilty parties punished

Join The Fight Against Fake Products

You receive FREE airtime whenever you verify 5 products